BIN DISCO, #1, #2, #3 & #4, 2003-2010

Nicholas Keogh is well known for his illegal but beautiful interventions within the city environment, which he has presented internationally as part of festivals and biennials.

In ‘Bin Disco’ (2003-2010) a wheelie bin eerily emanates disco lights in an otherwise deserted alleyway. Bin Disco has been included in:

San Sebastian during Manifest 5 with Resonance FM, London
Féile le Chéile, Derry
Kilkenny Arts Festival
Trans Urban Arts Festival, Belfast

The ‘Bin Discos’ were a natural evolution from the 'Bin Lights' series. When a site was chosen, electricity for these bins was harvested from the nearest lamp post. Nicholas’ work turns unappealing places and objects into a stage for mesmerising and often humorous experiences.

These interventions are often one-off festive events, which seem to derive from delirium, like materialisations of what one could imagine under the effect of hallucinogens. People’s participation is effectively organic; the chosen site for the happening becomes an accidental gathering place, spawning curiosity amongst locals and passers by. As the Bin Discos evolved they contained increasingly more lavish interiors and increasingly more sophisticated sound systems and lighting.

The Bin Disco series was rarely exhibited in galleries, to view these projects was to rely on chance or rumour. As a consequence a random and temporary, mainly non-art community, witnessed these events.

‘Bin Lights’ and ‘Bin Disco’ would not have been possible without the support of the Lawrence Street Workshops Belfast.